BeautifulUndiscovered and infrequently visited, Nauru is a Pacific Island enigma.

South of the Marshall Islands, North of the Solomons, Nauru lies at a longitude of 166°55' east.  It is close to 42 kilometres south of the Equator and over 4,000 kilometres away from its nearest neighbour Australia.

Isolated it may be, but Nauru has its own airline (Our Airline), tropical weather and an interesting history.  Nauru's geographic isolation from other island neighbours has shaped its people, their language and history. 

Caught between trying to maintain an existence without further endangering its fragile ecosystem and securing a future for its inhabitants and the island itself, Nauru is turning to tourism for the first time.  Nauru is opening its doors to the outside world in the hope that the Nauruan people's peace loving hospitality and big Pacific Island welcome will entice travellers to sample a truly unique destination.

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