A quiet, welcoming people opens its doors to the world as Nauru embraces tourism for the first time. 

NauruVisit Nauru and get to know these little known island locals and their treasured home...

The indigenous people of Nauru are thought to descend from Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian ancestry.

Currently the ethnic groups within the population are said to be around 58% Nauruan, 26% general Pacific Islander, 8% Chinese and 8% European.  The main religion on the island is Christianity, with around one third Roman Catholic and two thirds Protestant.

The language of Nauru is Nauruan.  This is a unique tongue which doesn't resemble any other Pacific language. English is widely spoken and used for governmental and commercial purposes.

A quiet and peaceful people, Nauruans are welcoming and hospitable to the few travellers who venture to their tiny island.

Shaped by an eventful history and great isolation, the Nauru people look forward to welcoming you to a truly unique Pacific Island destination.

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