Unique Nauru

Extraordinary Nauru is a tiny island with a big history and even bigger hospitality. 

home2Nauru is located in the deep, blue Pacific Ocean waters north of the Solomon Islands. An uplifted coral formation, Nauru is just 21 kilometres square and lies some 40 kilometres south of the Equator.

One of the smallest nations on earth, with a mostly Micronesian population of around 10,000 people, Nauru offers travellers a truly unique Pacific Island visit.

Discover excellent deep sea fishing, scuba dive amazing ocean depths, take a tour of the island’s past economic mainstay the phosphate mines or simply experience a holiday in a world far from your own.

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Latest News

Nauru joins South Pacific Tourism Organisation
Nauru Tourism has made the decision to join South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) in an attempt to increase its tourism profile and benefit from membership of this well-established organisation.

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